Our system dynamics are in need for innovative transformations:





e-Transferium is an activation strategy for cooperation

with the ability to sustain and face those challenges!




Working in the field of communication strategy, corporate identity and design I've had the opportunity to work with some inspiring and awesome companies as art-director over more than twenty years. Amongst them Computer Sciences Corporation and Herman Miller. While introducing Herman Miller's Mirra office chair - produced according the Cradle to Cradle design protocols - in the Netherlands for HME, I started promoting the need for predefined material cycles. Locally recovered material flows in which Herman Miller products as nutrients could eventually be found via re-utilization in locally produced products. Ahrend furniture for example.


In concept an idea worth fighting for, in reality hard to land. Although, this journey led me to meet Hans Havers, who had worked with Ahrend for quit some time. With an open mind and persisting in his will to help we already started evoke2, two months after meeting each other in January 2007.

team evoke2

Frans Aerdts

"We will be able

to find the meaning of life, if many will start living meaningful to

life itself!"

Hans accompanied me on a trip to Basel (Switzerland) for where I did the design of a combined EPEA (Hamburg) and Herman Miller, Cradle to Cradle exhibition during "Messe Natur". Meeting EPEA, Professor Michael Braungart and his team, explaining our goals, made it possible to become the first Cradle to Cradle Satellite Partner for EPEA in the Netherlands, introducing the revolutionary concept to many industrial partners and governmental bodies. Amongst them VanGanzewinkel, Desso, DSM, Phillips and Ahrend.


No not everything always went perfectly well defined and smooth but working with people that are open for discussion, passionate about their work and willing to listen can be considered a gift. Next step though; if only we all could park our ego from time to time, I truly believe we can do so much more.



It seems to be a challenge to approach the world of interfering egos pursued by our experience and perception. Motive is the knowledge that our ego led us through time with great achievements but also displays an incompetence of maintaining reforms and dissemination to next generations. Within the creation of a new worldview and consciousness it is upmost important to temporarily park our ego in order to achieve an coherent and harmonic unification.

Continuously colliding egos question loyalty to be well intended. This loyalty conflict emanates from the fact that we as human kind are not positive or think alike about the necessary changes. In addition, as world citizens we are dependant on a peaceful transformation of the current system. 

Hans Havers

"En route, 

with a positively

guided ego!"

Frans Aerdts on linkedin

Shared points of departure for setting goals is not only about content, important is also that all partners agree upon the steps to be taken, respect each others capabilities and time to act. Most important though is once agreed upon the challenge to face, its crucial for all partners to help each other not to loose face, for the main goal is getting there together. 

I've been working for many years for Takashimaya, a Japanese Retail Multinational, both in Japan as well on projects through Europe. I seriously misjudged my believe that the respect and trust I encountered, could easily be translated to projects based on sustainability. The bigger the challenge, the bigger the ego, it seemed!